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Shawna, Owner


I grew up in the 1980s playing sports. I know the dedication it takes to stay healthy enough to not just play but to excel in any sport. From off season trainings/camps, properly fueling the body to, a strict bedtime and proper rest the night before a game, these were habits that needed to be formed for sustained success.  Now, at the age of 45, I reflect on those days and use what I learned as a young athlete to guide others as they learn to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

I am the proud mom of three amazing kids, honored grandma to Max, Declan, & Baylynn and blessed wife of Mark. I am corny, quirky and super silly! I love to watch people push through to reach their goals. I will ask you to get uncomfortable but only because change doesn’t happen within the comfort zone.


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My whirlwind journey into the health and fitness world began in June 2013 when I became a certified Train Dirty Fitness (TDF) instructor. I began teaching TDF classes that September and before I knew it I had applied and been accepted to become a master trainer for TDF! 2014 brought many new adventures. I held certification trainings in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. August is when my new passion and dream became a realization and I opened Fit it All in Fitness. Fit it All in Fitness has since morphed into Gym Junkies Fitness LLP. GJF is comprised of people from all walks of life, all at different stages in their journeys, all working towards a common goal—overall health and wellness.

In late 2015, a spark was ignited to take my education further. I became a Certified Health Coach with the objective to help clients cultivate and nurture a healthier lifestyle. I’m addicted to seeing the spark return to a client’s eyes when they realize most people WILL “stumble”. Perfection is unrealistic. Tools need to be developed, a recovery plan needs to be set up and a personalized balance needs to be found to maintain a resilient strategy.

It is not easy to change behaviors. As your Health Coach and/or Personal Trainer, I will help you to find the courage to change old habits into new, healthier habits. We all start somewhere. Let’s help you to find your starting place and become the master of your own life one goal at a time. You have to live healthy to be healthy.

I am just as passionate for you to reach your goals as you are.




KT (Kay), Instructor

At 55, FINALLY, I am lovingly dream – helping others with their fitness journey! I am recently widowed and together we have 4 wonderful children, Nichole, Nickolas, Nathan, and Brittany as well as 2 daughter-in-laws and a son-n-law, Alicia, Maria and Dan and our pride and joys, Kayleigh, Try, Scarlett, and Baby L.A.R. My fitness journey started in the late 70s but I fell off the path through the years until I made the change to start become healthier again at age 45. It is my goal to allow others to learn to F.L.Y. – First Love Yourself! Personally, it is my strong belief that fitness and a strong support group contribute to ones learning to F.L.Y. GJF has filled this gap for me.

Shannon, Instructor

I am 39, wife of 18 years to Brian and mother to Dakota. Having grown up with animals I never thought I would be the type to need or teach group fitness classes. Fast Forward several years and I became certified in a couple TDF formats in Marks of 2014 and never really taught a class until February 2016 (thanks Shawna and KT for the push!). I have also been verified in Kick Kamp and FLOW with LOK Fitness and am loving these formats. I have always wanted to help people and thought that it would be in the Social Work realm, but here I am teaching fitness classes with amazing women who push me to be better in every part of my life.



Katie S

After that first class, I was hooked…GJF has helped me to make my health a priority and get my butt out of bed for a 5:15am class, more than that I even look forward to it! The atmosphere of encouragement and support is amazing. I am so happy that I took that chance. It has changed my life for the better.

Jenny D

The GJF instructors know just how to push me to become a better, stronger me. Not only has my mind transformed, but my body has too. I am so much stronger than when I started and am becoming toned in all the areas I only ever dreamed of. I encourage anyone and everyone to come to a class. You won’t be disappointed.

Jill F

They are an extremely welcoming bunch. There is always someone to work out with, you don’t have to worry about a workout buddy…There are lots of laughs. They push you but not to the point that you never want to come back. Everyone is at their own level and they respect  that. They offer lots of other fu things throughout the year at the facility also.

Jane G

My first class I as scared because I did not know anybody and I was very overweight and out of shape. I know it was the right thing to do but I was hesitant to say the least.  I was welcomed and began to warm up to the other women….Shawna and Kay must have noticed and took me under their wings. I have experienced friendship, support and coaching!

Arianne B

I was extremely impressed with the workouts they provided along the energy, encouragement, compassion, motivation, and inspiration they have. They truly care about each person that comes through their doors. The atmosphere in any class is always inviting, you will never feel like you don’t belong or that you are being judged. Working our at GJF was the best decision I have made.